Spotlight on… Colorectal cancer

Did you know screening for colorectal cancer is important for people with IBD?1


Chronic inflammation of the colon is linked to a slight increase in the risk of developing colorectal cancer.2

What can you do to protect yourself?

1. Get screened! 

Early detection of colorectal cancer through screening means that treatment is more often successful.1 Talk to your doctor about when and how often you should be screened, and have a yearly general check-up.

2. Keep up the treatment!

Some studies suggest that medications for controlling the inflammation in the colon could also reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.1,3

The risk of developing colorectal cancer is increased in people with IBD, and is higher the more of the colon that is involved. Recent studies estimate that, although the occurrence of colon cancer in people with ulcerative colitis has decreased over the last 60 years to 1.2 in 1000 patients in any year, the risk increases the longer someone has IBD.1,4

Find out more about risk factors, colorectal cancer and screening.

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