Is IBD curable?

IBD is not ‘curable’ but it can be managed with lifestyle modifications and medical treatments. Some people have long periods of remission (i.e. lack of symptoms), whilst others may be prone to more frequent attacks. However, with good management, you should still expect to lead a full and ‘normal’ life, with little or no effect on life expectancy.

Your progress in the year following diagnosis is a good indication of how IBD will take its course. Remission for a year or more following diagnosis is a good sign, whilst more than two attacks can predict more troublesome disease.

It is very difficult to predict the long-term consequences of IBD. In order for your doctor to monitor the course of your IBD, you will need to attend regular follow-ups. In addition to this, you may also need to undergo repeat investigations to re-assess the disease, especially if your maintenance treatment fails for any reason.

However, in many cases, once an effective management plan has been established, the frequency of your regular follow-ups will be reduced and you will be free to lead a full and active life.

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